Federate Ceremony of S-Leadership Groups
Federate Ceremony of S-Leadership Groups
  • Lee Jung seungji 기자
  • 승인 2008.05.10 22:28
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  On April 15, a special event was held in the Samsung Convention Center in Centennial Hall.  As it was a party for the S-leadership groups, every group and some professors who support them gathered all together.  The S-leadership groups paraded in good order, presenting a unique performance by each group.  The ceremony continued with a special address.  President Kyung-sook Lee gave a lecture that was entitled ‘The future belongs to dreaming people.’  She spoke on, “I want to start my speech with a story which I have never told.  This is my story.” She continued, “Now it is 47 years since I first met Sookmyung, and a half years since I was appointed as president.  Since I became president, I have never taken my Sookmyung breastpin off of my heart.  That’s because the dream of Sookmyung has been mine and my dream has been that of Sookmyung.”  Finally she declared, “You are the fruit of my dream.  I really want to witness Sookmyungians becoming leaders of all social standing in Korea and the world.”  After the ceremony ended, Lee (23), participating in the event, said, “I can feel so proud of Sookmyung and the S-leadership groups.  I sincerely appreciate the president and many professors’ support.”

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