• Haram Lee
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Question: What do you think would be most needed for women not to be forgotten, and to increase their visibility as well as influence in Korean society, and why?

 Louise Otto said that in order for women not to be forgotten, they must not forget to think about themselves. It is true that if people do not think of themselves, they tend to lose purpose of what they are here for and lose character in the process. There is no doubt that thinking about themselves is important for women, but it is also crucial that women think of others so that they have visibility and influence in society. I believe it is important to think of others because it will always give new cause to whatever a person does, that person will be known as a generous person rather than a selfish person, and in the end it will pleasure the person herself.
 People cannot go on living without some sort of goal in their lives, whether it is to make ends meet or to build an empire. Everybody needs something to look forward to. When people only think of themselves, they may get things accomplished, but at some point, they might find themselves stuck and lost. It people look the bigger picture they will find out that their vision had been narrow and that there are so many things that needs fulfillment, such as educating and feeding the poor, caring for the sick, or fighting for the weak. The field of work that each person does can somehow benefit others. In this way, people not only do a good deed, but they are recognized for it.
 While people find new motives in thinking of others, they can also be known to have a generous character. There are many people that are known for having money of their own and spending it just on themselves. These people are soon forgotten and instead it is the humanist who is admired and remembered. There are many wealthy people who try to help others with what they have earned. A good example is Oprah Winfrey. She was named the wealthiest women in Hollywood last year. She did not use that money for herself but instead she decided to build schools for girls in Africa. Even in her talk show, she tried to help people who are less fortunate than she is. She has had a bad childhood and has not forgotten where she is from and so helps others who are desperately in need. She may be known to some people just for her fame, but to most people she is recognized for her warm heart.
 Being acknowledged by people as a kind person is not just to be a good influence, but it also gives people self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction could be seen as s selfish act, but in the long run, it is essential. Without a feeling of achievement, it is not easy for people to carry on with whatever good deed they are doing. They need to know that they are making a difference in this world. When people grow old, they need to know that the life they had lived was meaningful.
 It is not easy to be a role model, influence people and be remembered. If people start from the bottom to think of what little difference they can make to others, it will not take that long for people to soon realize what an influence they can be to others.

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