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 By An Lee Jung-un / Editor-in-chief

I can’t forget the precious memories that I have experienced as editor of the Sookmyung Times (SMT).  SMT’s activities gave me much instruction and introduced me to many and various people.  I have come to know and become intimate with these people and they all offered me so much help.  In particular, many professors have helped me to make SMT.  First, Prof. Sook-hee Lee oversees all of SMT’s work and respects our opinions.  Secondly, Prof. Joe Walther and Rosemary Duncan have edited our articles.  They work hard for SMT, even though they are very busy, therefore I always thank them.  If they had not worked as our copy editors, SMT couldn’t have been published.  Designers Jeon Hye-sook and Park Ji-yeon also help us very much.  Thank you.  Finally, I appreciate our reporters.  I love them!!!

 By Hwang Jeon Seo-Kyung / Women Editor

I will finish up my term with the SMT at the end of this semester, but I don’t still believe that I am leaving SMT.  SMT has been all of my university life until now.  Because of that, saying farewell brings up various emotions for me.  I joined SMT in March, 2006.  It is difficult to write articles in English and to keep deadlines, but now I regret that I cannot write articles for SMT again.  There were many contacts made and also many partings at SMT.  My peers have also changed during this time.  All my companions whom I met at SMT are precious and I am thankful for them.  Above all, I deeply appreciate that I have contributed to SMT with such good associates during this time.  Especially, I’m greatly thankful to Prof. Sookhee Lee and her two coadjutors.  Moreover, I thank my three comrades, Jung-un, Hyun-ji and Ji-hye.  I deeply appreciate all of their efforts.  All my experiences at SMT have been valuable when I stop to think about it.  I cannot forget SMT that has been everything in my university life.


 By Yoo Kang Hyun-ji / Women Editor

“I’m so sorry, I made a mistake and I’ll never do such a silly thing again!”  The beginning of my life as a reporter for the SMT was not easy.  The moment I heard my seniors’ instructions or information about many things which had happened indoors, I often forgot them and had to lament my weaknesses.  Sometimes I complained about such a completely organized system choking my throat.  However, during the roughly two years of my reporter life, I learned effective English writing for my articles and I became assured that I’ll become a journalist, with a cool brain and warm heart; while my companions joked that they would never become journalists.  In addition, I discovered the wisdom of my seniors, various communication skills in different situations, and how to express both love and strictness in times of dealing with my juniors.  Finally, I thank you, the reader, for reading my pieces.  I assure you, “Readers (of SMT) become leaders.”  Above all, the most precious thing I have gained through SMT is my associates of last 2 years.  I’ll never forget my lovely friends, Jung-un, Seo-kyung, and Ji-hye.  Now, I have to say goodbye at this moment.  I would like to say ‘thank you so much’ to all of the people who have helped with the publication of SMT.


 By Yun Jung Ji-Hye / Culture Editor

It is unbelievable that this article is the last thing.  For 2 year, SMT is ‘relation’ to me.  I have met various kinds of people for many reasons as a reporter.  I have enjoyed student but also reporter to the full.  It was unchangeable experience.  Above all, I'll give many thanks to SMT's professors and reporters.  Especially, I appreciate to my dear companions.  It is time to make my farewells, however I don’t say goodbye.  Because the time goes by, I'm proud of SMT leaves behind tangible things.  Therefore, I believe it is not 'end' but 'and.'  Eventually, the springtime of SMT’s life will be last.

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