Escaping From Your Daily Routine
Escaping From Your Daily Routine
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This year has already reached December.  After Sookmyungians pass their final exams, we will start the winter vacation.  If you have been working hard during the semester, how about traveling to these places with your family, friends, or by yourself? 








It may be surprising for you to learn that you can reach the sea by subway.  Ansan SeonGam village is an island which you can arrive at by subway.  SeonGam village can be found if you get out of Ansan subway station on line 4, before taking bus no.123.

1.     Sea Fishing In a Fishing Boat

If you were not born in fishing country, deep sea fishing in fishing boat will be a very unfamiliar experience.  Don’t you think it will be nice and exciting activity to fish in a fishing boat with your friends?  Ansan Seongam village has a program to give you this unique experience.  Through this program, you can fish directly.  Moreover, after you return from fishing, you can taste your own grilled fish immediately.  The entry fee is 60,000 Won, and before you participate in this program, you should prepare your own fishing outfit.

2.     Mongol Tent Experience

This experience of staying in a Mongolian tent, called a ‘ger, is not an activity but accommodation located in Seongam Village.  The charge for a day is 130,000 Won and the capacity is 10 adults.  The bathroom and shower room are for common use.  Inside the ger there is a water purifier, air conditioner, TV, and quilts.  If you plan to camp with your circle of friends, this ger can be a novel way to do so.


Have you ever heard of Moses’ miracle, the parting of theRed Sea ? You can see the miracle called “the Moses Phenomenon” inMoonhangVillage , where the sea splits twice a day.  Moreover,NamhaeMoonhangVillage was selected as the greatest fishing country experience village, so, in this miraculous village, you can experience a very merry vacation.

-There are two ways to reach Moonhang village from Seoul :

1) Train:  Seoul station > Sooncheon station or Jinju station > Intercity bus terminal > Namhae district terminal > Moonhangri

2) Bus: Seoul Seocho Nambu Terminal > Namhae district terminal > Moonhangri

1.     Experience looking for Manila clams (Bagirak), Solen (Matjogae), Bass(Wooruck)

You can dig for shellfish along the shore. You can collect as many of these marine organisms as you want, but the quantity you can take out of the area is limited to about 1kg for each visitor.  The entry fee for adults is 10,000 Won and for children is 5,000 Won.

Caution! : Because of the times of high and low tides, practicable entry times are different each day. You must confirm the schedule on the homepage:

2.     Picking oyster experience

After the Moses phenomenon, you can walk onHajangIsland .  The oysters born on this island are recognized as the best oysters in .  The oyster picking experience in Moonhang village is a program in which you can gather the best oysters directly.  The entry fee is 10,000 won for adults and 5,000 won for children.  This program is held only in winter.







*Yeongdong Dried Persimmon Festival


The Yeongdong Dried Persimmon Festival, sponsored by Yeongdong district, is held in December every year.  The period for the festival this year is December from 19 to 21.  As the representative festival in the Yeongdong district, various programs using persimmons are prepared for everybody from residents to tourists.

1.     Making Persimmon Jam

With highly nutritious persimmons, you can make fresh and delicious persimmon jam.  After you complete the jam, you can put it in a glass jar.  Entry fee is 3,000 Won.

2.     Foot Bath With Persimmon Peels and Leaves

 As the persimmon’s peel and leaf contain rich vitamin C, it is effective for your skin and the circulation of the blood.  Therefore a footbath, with water containing persimmon peels and leaves, will offer you relaxation.  The entry fee is 3,000 Won.

3.     Contest

A contest for catching flying sweet persimmons and a persimmon seed spitting contest will be held in the event hall.  Besides, the winners will receive prescribed prizes.

If you take off, the train, kyungbu line, at Yeongdong station, look at the cross of station.  Then you can see the indicator for the festival place.


 *Seungbu Station

Have you ever heard of Seungbu station in Kyungsangbookdo Bongwhagoon?  This place may be unfamiliar to many people. It cannot be reached by automobile or bus.  Only a train can reach Seungbu station.  This isolated place, of course, is far from the usual tourist destinations.  But if you focus on the journey, not the tour, the meaning of Seungbu station is quite different.  As this station is beyond people’s reach, it is very quiet and peaceful.  If you want to think about the passing of this year and plan for next year, it would be a good idea to stay in calm Seungbu station.

This is train time schedule table between Cheongryangri station and Seungbu station.  Seungbu station has very rare train schedule.  So, you should investigate your movement from department to returning.  However, as little train contacts in these station, you can more time thinking about yours.




P. S.: There is little accommodation near Seungbu station, but nice and warm residents can take charge of your one day stay.  If you have lost your train schedule, you can refer to this information.  However, in advance, you need to let them know that you will be obliged to them.

Here are representative contact addresses.

-Mr. Jeon Gwangrak ( Head of Seungbu village)


-Mr. Sim Gyuhyun



-Mr. Hong Saenam



-Mr.Lee Hangyu








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