Special Brand Name Kang Hannah
Special Brand Name Kang Hannah
  • Park Kim Haena
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Most people have one or two jobs in their life, but here is the person who has diverse careers and jobs.  She is a travel essay writer, reporter, columnist, model and a master of ceremonies (MC).  The Sookmyung Times(SMT) met her who has special profile.  Let’s feel her energy as a broadcaster and writer.

SMT: In your profile, there is an award for being a global weather jockey.  What led you to apply for it?


KANG: I had already broadcasted since I was in the junior class, as opposed to previous weather jockeys.  After retiring from the Sookdaeshinbo, I absented myself from school temporarily.  At this time, I worked at the company Ticketlink for about one year as a regular job but soon, by the merest chance I started to broadcast.  From then on, I broadcasted for a long time, and this became my regular work, so I decided to restart my life by throwing away everything I had.  In fact, I passed the 5th and 6th weather jockey trials, but I couldn’t go to the interview.  I thought, “If I win, how can I leave my current job?”  However, the 7th contest was different.  I had already prepared and thought “Yes, it’s time to start over and I can throw away my present life.”  Then I planned another project, because other weather jockeys were going to to learn broadcasting but I just started doing it.  So when I began my activity as a weather jockey, I thought about writing books.

SMT: In television and radio broadcasting, standing in front of a camera seems difficult and broadcasting requires some ability.  What is it?  Is there any skill which you developed?


KANG: Looking back at my first broadcasting, I am ashamed of myself.  However at that time, I might have had strong confidence. In the field of broadcasting, people can be divided into two cases.  Some people determine to prepare for the announcer test and others, just enjoy hitting broadcasting like me.  I am working in this field by experiencing various activities.  Of course, I had to take a test related to broadcasting, but now I enjoy it because I really like it, so I think about showing the best of me for the public.  When I was a student, my mind was just that of a student, but in a society, people aim for perfection in a society, so I really made an effort.  For example, I strived for abdominal breathing, not speaking with a childlike voice and building an image of charisma and my own color.


SMT: What is Kang Hannah’s final goal?

KANG: About two months ago, I had a speech at Seoul National University .  After publishing my book ‘Longing for Tokyo,’ some professors of Seoul National   University told me “You are a tremendous help to our students.”  This question is linked to the contents of my last lecture.  If I had majored in law, I might have prepared for law school or the law examination, and my final goal would be to be a lawyer or judge or public prosecutor.  If I had entered a medical school, I might dream of becoming a doctor.  As I see it, so long as it is not fixed, a dream is uncertainty.  I am a person who acknowledges the uncertainty of dreams and starting to do something.  Even if I make up my mind to become an MC, the decision is not made by myself because there is the chance that the circumstance may change and the name of the MC may disappear.  Thus, making a high-quality brand called Kang Hannah is my final goal.  If I create the brand ‘Kang Hannah,’ then, when I issue my books, more people will listen to and read my story than now.  Creating the brand ‘Kang Hannah’ is the final goal in my life. 


SMT: You published the travel essay book ‘Longing for Tokyo ,’ and you are working in radio broadcasting related to travel now.  Do you like to travel and do you have any new travel plans? 

KANG: Recently, I have a fixed schedule so I usually only travel for two or three nights at a time.  Going on holiday for several months was something I experienced in my early twenties, and now I like to return to places where I have been.  I feel the deep atmosphere of the place rather than touring new places.  I really like to travel and often take trips in .  My favorite place is Shinan-gun Jindo and among the islands in Tongyeong-si, Saryang-do.  In addition, I love Sokcho and Jeju so most seasons I visit them.


SMT:  Are there any special ways to enjoy your travels as a travel writer?


KANG: I carry a camera basically, but a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) is too heavy to carry, so I love to bring a pocket camera, not a digital one.  Without being aware and focusing, I want to take pictures I can have in my hands.  I pack three pocket books.  In the first one I write down the information about the place I plan to visit, in another I can record my thoughts and feelings while traveling, and in the third I write down my diary at night.  In the second pocket book, I even write down the music which I hear in a car while driving along a coastal road.  People can forget their memories easily if they do not record them.  And also, I often draw pictures when I see wonderful or weird things.


SMT: I think you are full of confidence and have a pride and conviction about things you do.  I feel you work hard and do your best in everything.  Please give some advice to Sookmyungians as a senior.


KANG: I live hard and am happy, but your university life is the happiest.  Society and people give a warm reception to you because you are students, so do what you want and can do when you are a student.  If you want to achieve things, continue at least for a year because your mind that is braced by your self is very precious.  Also, I want to stress that you are special and do not compare yourself with other people.  We need to become splendid in our independent existence.  Society looks for and wants special people.





Kang, Hannah


2000, Entrance to Division of Statistics, Sookmyung Women’s University
Being awarded 7th global weather jockey
Wrote a book ‘Longing for Tokyo’
Broadcasted as a reporter KBS1 ‘Ask Whatever’
                          KBS2 ‘Live Today’

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