Work in the Real World Outside of School
Work in the Real World Outside of School
  • Hwang Hong Yuhwa
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Because of the bad economic situation in Korea, the door for students who graduate university is getting narrower.  According to the Korean Educational Development Institute, the percentage of full-time employment among college graduates in 2008 was 48 percent. To cope with this, Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) also pulls out all the stops.
One of SMU’s organizations, the Career Development Center (CADE Center) helpsstudents to plan for the future, develop their careers and approach fields they are interested in, in order to make the entry of students into society successful. To this end, they operate a number of programs for Sookmyungians’ employment such as mentor programs, the industry-academic cooperation education program and the professional work academy workshops.  Among these the Sookmyung Times (SMT) focused on the industry-academic cooperation program which is again divided into three subjects; industryacademic cooperation education, internship abroad and actual training at an
enterprise. In particular, SMT will provide you with some useful information about industry-academic cooperation education, to help you find work at a company.

What is Industry-Academic Cooperation Education?
It’s a program in which students serve their internship for four months at an enterprise during the period of attending school. These may be recognized by the school in that students who work at an
enterprise are credited with 15 units towards their major. It is possible for major subjects to be acknowledged as units, but not minors. The 15 units are included in the total units that you can
take in one semester. These classes are open in both the first and second semesters but not during the winter or summer sessions. The record evaluation is based on P/F; in principle the weekly time spent at an internship is 40 hours and it can’t exceed eight hours a day.
The students have to be within the ages of 18~30 in a year they work as interns and have to be unemployed. They also have to be juniors or seniors, which means in their third or fourth year. Students on leave of absence or taking other actual training courses are excluded. Credits are
given by the CADE Center.

Three Classes in Industry-Academic Cooperation Education
There are three classes in this course.Each class has different requisites, so think about what class is fit for you.  Students who are in Class 01 are subsidized by the Ministry of Labor and you can get a scholarship from the school. You can apply for this course through the CADE Center’s homepage when a notice appears. You have to submit your application, self introduction and other necessary forms. Then companies interview the students and select successful candidates. This year 51 students are working at 27 enterprises such as The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), The Federation of Korean Industries, Hyundai Home Shopping, CJ Home Shopping, JW
Marriott Hotel Seoul and Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel.  There are also midterm and final exams because this course is also part of education. The midterm exam is alternated with reports about your activities and for the final exam you need to submit a report of your results, a practice journal and a survey of satisfaction. According to Min-ah LEE of Divisions of Business Administration 06’, who worked at KCCI, explained her internship experience was living business administration education. About her chance to participate in the seminar of East Europe investment strategy, she said, “There were about 140 enterprisers from all over the world including Romania, Poland, and Hungary. It was
a perfect chance to experience real examples of what I learned from International Business class about making inroads into the world market.” 


There are nine students in Class 02 now. Class 02 is a full-time job related to your major. In the case of this class, you have to apply directly to the company you want to work for, then they’ll select the students they’ll work with for four months. According to Lee Seungyeon of Division of Mathematics and Statistics 05’, who worked at Valtech Consulting Korea said, the most valuable thing she learned from her internship was teamwork. “To make a good result, it is essential to have a good relationship with other people in the company and make them trust you.” She also said,
“Actually it was a little tough for me to do internship work, attending two cyber classes and an evening class, but I learned how to manage my time as I became busier. Now I think it was pre-social life.”

Class 03 is made up of students who are employed.  This semester, there are three students in three enterprises. Only students who are employed early in
full-time jobs only can apply for this program. They
must also be in their last semester and looking forward
to graduation.


Pluses and Minuses

During your first time as an intern, you’ll face many tiresome tasks such as doing lots of errands, making repetitive simple documents according to the predecessors. You would wonder what you are doing in this place but as time goes by and if you work hard, you’ll be trusted by people in the company and you can gain precious lessons through this internship program.  Many students become confident about their service within a company whether the job suits them or not.  Some students found it very difficult to find out what kind of job suits them. It’ll help you to think about selecting your future job concretely rather than thinking about it superficially. You’ll also learn business manners, communication skills, and practical abilities such as making Excel and Power Point documents.  Lastly, the relationships you form with many people will be unforgettable.  According to the CADE Center, they suggested finding your own interest and choosing considering fitness for the job. In some cases, a student who worked as an intern later became a full-time worker before graduating school. They also insisted that if you go to a company as an intern, always keep on mind that you are an ambassador of SMU and behave sincerely and with passion.  You can get more detailed information at the CADE Center situated in room 208 of Student Building.


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