Happiness of 1,000 Won, Jazz and the City
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A one-and-a-half hour Jazz concert ticket price is 1,000 won. Isn’t it a lie?  No, it’s real.  ‘Jazz and the City’ at KT Art Hall in Kwanghwamun is held every night — 7:30 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on the weekend — with tickets priced at 1,000 won.  Also, you may doubt the quality of the concert, but don’t worry.  The concert is perfect, unlike that price and advance tickets are so intense.  In addition, all the ticket price goes to ‘Finding Sound’ a charitable work for hearingimpaired children.  Have you ever heard a concert like this?  That’s why the concert is very popular.  You can be lost in the burst of jazz.

The artists participating in ‘Jazz and the City’
get changed every day.  I met a group called KC&TK composed of a woodwind instrument — a saxophone, a clarinet and a flute — player, a pianist, a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist.  KC&TK is short for KIMCHI AND TAKUAN and a project team which is made for musical cultural interchange between Korea and Japan with the most typical Korean and Japanese food.  Many audiences laughed at the funny instruction of KC&TK.  Saxophonist Hong Sundal, vocalist Bak Raon and pianist Iwasaki Daisuke (Japanese) are the central figures of the KC&TK.  I was so surprised the main woodwind instrument player, Hong Sundal played on three musical instruments.  The concert progressed about one and a half hours, was very various and I enjoyed hearing unique saxophone sound, courteous and generous clarinet sound, and clear flute sound at the one concert of one jazz group at once.  Moreover, pianist Iwasaki Daisuke’s arrangement of Korea and Japan’s old pop was so fresh and vocalist Bak Raon’s voice was fascinating and sweet.  Lee Seyoung (22), who is undergraduate of Wonkwang University said, “I didn’t expect especially because of the price, but while jazz concert, one audience’s demand that ‘today is my father’s birthday.  Please, congratulate him.’  The audience paid only 1,000 won, but artists played ‘Happy Birthday Song’ for the audience member and her father.  I think the concert is well worth finding some time.”

‘Jazz and the City’ Concert Tips




'Irregular Life' in the KT gallery


1. Hurry up, buy tickets in advance!
On the weekends, tickets will be especially booked up.  In case of seats being available (on weekdays), you can buy tickets in advance on the spot at 6:30 PM.  But, some days, people stand in a rows in front of the ticket office, so you should go earlier than the fixed hours.
2. There are a book cafe, Jazz and the City cafe, and the KT gallery in KT Art Hall.
Although you arrive there early, don’t worry.  You can read various books in the charming book cafe and drink sweet coffee in the Jazz and the City Cafe which used all gains as the society contribution fund.  In addition, in KT gallery, you can watch designers’ idiomatic art works and make your eyes happy.
3. So romantic, you can propose to your lover.
If you send your story to KT Art Hall and the story is adopted, you could have a chance propose to your lover.  Your lover will be in the spotlight and you can give a sweet jazz song for only your lover during the concert.  So surprising!

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