In Search of Your Aptitude
In Search of Your Aptitude
  • An Lee Jung-un
  • 승인 2007.04.06 20:09
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What is your dream?  What will you do when you graduate from university?  If you are a senior, you decide your job and way.  However, many freshman and sophomores are worried about their career paths.  Lee Eunju who is a freshman said “My major is the science of nursing, but I am confused because I don’t know what I really want.”  If you also worry about this, SMT recommends a vocational psychology test. 

‘Worknet’ ( offers this test.  After you join this site, you can do the test free charge.  You click the ‘vocational psychology test’ icon and you can complete the test.  The tests are divided into teenager and adult types.  Also, you can read explanations of the test and examples of the test results.  Refer to this explanation and choose one test.

If you want more comments about the test when you finish, you can get help from the Career Development Center at SMU.  They offer video tapes that are related to explanations of jobs at the information data search room in the Career Development Center. 

Also, the Career Development Center holds special lectures about students’ career paths two times each semester.  These lectures are related to the Ministry of Labor, and you set goals that you will help you be successful at finding a job.  After that, you can visit the Career Development Center and they will help you fulfill your dreams.

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