Are You Falling in Love?
Are You Falling in Love?
  • Kim Lee Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.04.06 20:11
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There was a girl.  She loved two boys.  Among them, one made her cry and the other brought her happiness.  But, the boy who always brought her sorrow left her, and he broke her heart again.  Meanwhile, the other man who always made her laugh was next to her.  At first, she was sad because he left her, but as time went by, she could smile thanks to the boy who always stayed with her with constant love.  But, as more time passed, she cried when she saw the boy who made her happy.   However, she smiled when she thought of the boy who left her and made her cry.  Who is real love for her?         

There was a girl.  Of course, she is a daughter.  She called her father "Daddy" just when she was young.  Now, she is old enough to act on her own responsibility.  She was busy as a bee because of her work.  Therefore, she was unmindful of her father.  One day, when she got the time, she visited her father, but he got senile dementia.  As she did when she was unmindful of him during her busy life, this time her father couldn’t remember her.  As she grows up, her father gets older and older.  But, she didn’t know that before.   

Episode Ⅲ.
There was a girl.  She just now enters university.  When she was a high school student, many people, her teacher, parents, or senior said to her “Everything is okay if you enter the university.”  But, it is not true.  After entering the university, everything is not okay.  For her who gets accustomed to well-ordered timetables by others, university does not show new life.  All at once she gets free; she lost her heart or goal.  Even though she tries to do well, it is difficult to adapt her to new circumstances.  She doesn’t make time, but time makes her.  What can she do for herself?        

Do you understand the three stories above?  Can you find a common denominator through the stories?  The answer is LOVE.  The girl in each episoe didn't know what love is.  There are many shapes of love in the world.  For parents, for sweethearts, and for oneself, it is all the shape of love.  Are you falling in love?  April, it is a good time for love. 


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