The Pride of Sookmyung, Sookmyung Ambassador and Polaris
The Pride of Sookmyung, Sookmyung Ambassador and Polaris
  • Park Kim Haena
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As we don’t know who cultivates our rice and how hard their work is, Sookmyungians scarcely recognize the effort of leadership groups, especially Ambassador and Polaris. The Sookmyung Times (SMT) interviewed them to introduce their activities, duties and efforts to make Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) flourish. By interviewing them, Sookmyungians can have the time to understand the hard situation of these whose works represent SMU.

The Sookmyung Ambassador
The Sookmyung Ambassador has pride as a public relation amnesty for students and they try to work to be women leaders in Korea.  They are the pride of Sookmyungians, President Young Sil Han, and Sookmyung.  They have supported and taken part in about 200 events since 1999, specifically, they escort the people who visit SMU, conduct ceremonies or important events, escorted the VIPs of World Cup in 2002, and guided the foreigners in the 2003 Daegu Universiade.  Currently, Sookmyung Ambassador has 37 students in the 10th term and 26 students in the 11th term.  SMT asked questions to find out specifically about Ambassador.  Following is the interview with the 11th President of Sookmyung Ambassador, Shim Jin-a.

SMT Freshmen have lots of interest in Ambassador, so please give some points for freshman and future freshman who want to be an Ambassador.  What is the condition of selection, and how would you select among the many applicants?

SHIM Above of all, only freshman and sophomores are qualified.  We want a student who is not in other leadership groups and has the love of school.  We select the candidates by documents at first and the next step is an interview.  Students should write documents including their basic information, introduction of themselves, and answering the questions—“Please explain Sookmyung Leadership,” and “What is the image of Sookmyung Ambassador?”  Then in the 2nd step, interview, we ask applicants to do a virtual tour and ask somewhat embarrassing and difficult questions to evaluate the ability of speech, attitude, and facial expression.  Finally, we ask English questions to assess the English skill.

SMT What is on your schedule this semester?

SHIM We are going to do activities that we always have done.  First of all, as an on-campus activity, the education will be scheduled to improve the quality of Ambassador and we are going to take part in tour programs for visitors. As an offcampus activity, we will have a plan to hold the Weeaja marketplace in October.  In December, the night of Ambassador which offers the chance to meet seniors and juniors will be open.


SMT What is the difference in the Ambassador’s image between what you had at first and what you have now?

SHIM Maybe most of students think of Ambassadors as the gorgeous women who have mild smiles and wear great uniforms.  Actually, I also thought Ambassadors are very beautiful, but after training I got to feel Ambassador is the toe of a dancer.  Dancer’s toes are very beautiful when the dancer wears stockings and toe shoes, but put off the stockings and he or she has lots of callouses and a water blister.  Although some people consider the training on every Saturday troublesome, we can grow and verify ourselves by taking part in the training.  This is the life of an

SMT You know how Sookmyungians see Ambassadors, you are so kind, gentle, and beautiful and always smile a bright smile.  The uniform is gorgeous, too.  Is that really who you are?  And how is the atmosphere when Ambassadors get together?

SHIM I always try to be an Ambassador because I think I am a representative of Sookmyung, and the image of Sookmyung, so even when I’m not wearing the uniform my mind is on being an Ambassador.  For example, when taking the class I am concentrated on the lecture and keep good posture.  When we get together, like common students we would like to talk and eat delicious food.  We have quite a few members, 40 students, and the atmosphere is pleasant, happy and active.

SMT You have given visitors tours of the school. Do you have some episode caused by Ambassador’s habits, like occupational sickness, or what aspect you have that has been changed by working as an Ambassador?

SHIM It is not occupational sickness, but I have gotten one habit since I have been Ambassador.  Someone seems to be lost on campus, I rush to her and show the way kindly even if she did not ask me the way.  While showing the way I am too positive to the stranger, and sometimes they are embarrassed.

The Sookmyung POLARIS
SMT met the third leader of Polaris, Lee Hakyung (Lee), to observe the details and experiences about her leadership group.

SMT What is Polaris and what is the main activity Polaris does?

LEE Polaris, literally, provides all the information of admission with high school students and their parents.  As one of the leadership groups in SMU, we simply do the same things as the marketing and the personnel sections of a big company.  Most of our activities are comprised of being guidance in the day that students came to school to have a formal test and an admission exam, having a talk with parents on the phone, and visiting some high schools to
introduce SMU.

SMT What is the meaning of Polaris is?

LEE As many people know, Polaris means “Bukguksung” in Korean and it helps people find the right way and direction at night.  Therefore, the 1st seniors saw it as a compass for leading more clearly about the admission method to high school students and parents who always gain wrong, distorted, and insufficient information via Internet, or other media.

SMT What is your pride as a leader of Polaris?

LEE Can I tell about an episode?  Once, a father of an applicant asked lots of questions and gained much information on the phone and through visits.  Although his daughter was unfortunately not admitted to SMU, he called me and said, “I really appreciate your help, and felt impressed with your devotion and belongingness to the school.”  I was touched by his praise.  I think this feeling is not the pride of me but also that of all Polaris members.


SMT I believe you have received lots of questions from applicants, what are the most perplexed questions and situations you have experienced?

LEE Well, there are many questions making me confused, but once a mother came to SMU admission information center to confirm the entrance score line of the school.  She said her daughter ruined her university entrance exam and she suddenly felt sorrowful and sobbed.  I felt frustrated and almost understood the whole mothers’ hearts which want to give their children all.  However, sometimes there were visitors who provoked their anger by themselves.  As a mediator between SMU and applicants, we are limited to give them information, but they always feel hard to understand our attitude.

SMT What is the strong point of SMU to which high school students feel attracted?

LEE I think SMU represents “Women Leadership.”  I want to tell high school students that we have lots of studentoriented programs like leadership special lectures and mentor programs to help them figure out what the direction they should go toward.  Leadership special lectures of SMU invite public figures to lecture and advise Sookmyungians.  Also mentor programs with SMU professors and other famous people in public, like chairpersons of companies, give Sookmyungians lots of internships and relationships.  Also, many parents worry about the situation of sending their dear daughter to Seoul alone; I always answer it will not be a problem if they care for themselves well.

SMT What is the further plan of Polaris you imagined?

LEE I want Polaris to be shown as the face of the SMU rather than as mere spokeswomen.  By surpassing the only meaning of Polaris, we want to participate in more school-related activities to broaden our field.  When SMU occurs to high school students’ minds, they immediately say “Polaris.” I believe it is the ultimate purpose of our group.

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