What Do You Think about Companies that Advertise on Campus?
What Do You Think about Companies that Advertise on Campus?
  • Lee Jung Seung-ji
  • 승인 2007.05.04 14:30
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May is an especially busy time on the university campus, with various events covering the landscape. At this time, we can see many commercial marketers promoting their items or handing out pamphlets.  We would like to know your thoughts about promoting commercial items on the Sookmyung Women’s University campus.

1. How do you think about advertisement of company in the university?
a) Proper
b) Improper

2. If you think advertisement in university is proper, why?
a) We can easily gain access to information about a new commodity.
b) Most commodities are necessary items for us.
c) Advertising companies support our university.
d) Etc:

3. If you answered improper to above question, why?
a) Universities are academic spaces.
b) They disturb the atmosphere of universities.
c) Advertising methods are inappropriate.
d) Etc:

4. Which type of advertisements are the worst?
  a) When MCs speak very loudly.
  b) When they stick advertisements on the wall
  c) When they distribute advertisements as copies.
  d) When they distributed advertisements as commodity.
  e) etc:

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