Myth and Imagination
Myth and Imagination
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Most people know about the Greek and Roman myths, Zeus, Oedipus, Eros etc., but they don't think about the necessity of studying the myths.  As we know, the myths are really related to our reality.  To tell the truth, lots of cultures such as music, literature and art are based upon these myths.  Through the various myths, people can know the past, present and future.
The Reason and Importance of Knowing Myths
A myth is not realistic because it is the result of the imagination.  If the myths are far apart from our reality, there is no necessity for appreciating its value.  However, myths are applicable to our actuality.  Knowing the myths has two valuable concepts. 
Above all, it is possible that people realize about nature, human and God.  Mostly, a myth is the story about human and God and it is expressed by using metaphorical expression.  Ultimately, a myth sends messages to us between humans and nature.  For instance, God of sun means the sun in the sun worship myth. 
Myths tell us how to live with nature harmoniously and make us realize the importance of nature.  As the science develops, people consider nature as the existence we should conquer since the Industrial Revolution.  While science makes steady headway and economies grow, the perception of nature is renewed.  As a part of that change, a nature protection campaign and the protection of environments increase more and more.  That is, people perceive nature in a new light, therefore signifying become aware of the myth. 
Second, the development of science implies a return to the myth in a sense.  At first glance, both have nothing to do with each other, but they are not separate things.  The purposes of science are realization of a welfare society and lengthening humans’ span of life and so on.  Being free from diseases and having long life spans suggest that humans desire to be near the God.  The pursuits of humans often challenge the area of God, as if humans build the Tower of Babel even in ancient times.  Furthermore, it also means the reversion of myths that people make efforts to accomplish the welfare that is their long cherished desire.  As we know, the perfect paradise where most people dream for a long time exists only in a reverie of the Garden of Eden in the bible and the Golden age of the Greek.

Between the Myth and Reality
When we see reality influenced, there is a natural protection campaign and environmental preservation, as stated above.  Moreover, there are the religious rituals.  In Sookmyung Women's Inuversity (SMU), there is also a ceremony for celebrating being an adult every year; it is an introduction ritual.  A funeral service is almost the same; it is considered an event where people recognize a spirit.  Poseidon said that "People can't live without God.  People should realize that."

Through the Myth
What can we gain through understanding the myth?  Professor CHUNG Kyung-nam said, "The present of the myth is imagination."  Most studies originated from the imagination.  In addition, people have thought like this, "Can people go to the moon? Can people live in the sea?"  The answer about this curiosity is "Yes!" as we know.  People had left their footprints on the moon and invented pontoon and undersea hotels.  Although, we are not even born, we know and remember the historical scene landing on the moon at first of Neil Alden Armstrong.
Now, the consequence of imagination is reality.  Myth makes people's imaginations possible.  This age emphasizes the imagination, because it could be a motivation for all.

To Sookmyungians
Do you know the myth of Daidalos?  He who was the best artisan made a maze.  Whoever once gets into there, nobody find the way out.  To thread a maze, he devises a way using a ball of thread.  His unique idea saves the other man who lost a way in a maze.  Finally, Daidalos lost a way in a maze too, however, he finds a way out a labyrinth with unimaginable way.  Maybe, somebody never dreamed of it in that severe situation.  But, he thought silvery wings by collecting a bird's wings and attaching them with a guttered candle.  It is based only imagination under a dead-end situation. 
You have infinite potential for self development because you are young and you are able to do every thing that you imagine.
As in Pandora’s Box, every thing can get out.  Likewise, open your own Pandora’s Box by keeping hope for the future.  Then, your endless ideas, power, imagination and creativity will come out of a confined space even you didn't know about.
Spread your wings of imagination, as if the wisdom of Daidalos.

Refernece of interview with Professor CHUNg Kyung-nam

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