House of the Style Han
House of the Style Han
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter
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Korean Traditional House Study?

2010 to 2012 is VISIT KOREA YEAR.  The meaning of this project is to show the real traditional image of Korea to foreigners.  For that reason many Korean traditional items are rising these days.  For example Jeonju made ‘Han Style’ to promot our traditional houses and clothes.  Also, the major deals with traditional contents appeared.  So this time, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) interviewed professor Lee Byung Ha (LEE) to know about the department of Korean traditional houses.




Korean Traditional House Study?
The major of Korean traditional house is a study which deals with 21st century culture Hanok, Wood Houses, and other traditional houses of Korea.  It is also an education about the traditional space culture.  So the study consists of not only theory but also exploration.

Lee Byung Ha

- Graduated from Interior A r c h i t e c t u r a l Design of ITALY EUPOPEO DI DESIGN MILANO
- Graduated Doctoral Programs from Department of Plastic Arts in Wonkwang Graduate School
- Professor of Jeonnam Provincial College
- Member of JeollaNam-do Hanok Committee

SMT  What is the reason for the development of the department of Korean traditional houses?

LEE  These days the cultural artifact industry is growing and interest in Hanok (Korean traditional house) is needed.  So to preserve and inherit the traditional house of Korean, we need professionals.  Therefore, to cultivate talented personnel who have techniques in Traditional Architecture and modern Space Design, the department of Korean traditional house has appeared.

SMT  What can we learn throughout the course of study of Korean traditional houses?  Is there any special study  needed to students who want to be educated about Korean traditional house?

LEE  During the course we learn about traditional house plans, the history of Korean architecture, traditional space
theory, space design and so on.  There is nothing special to be studied but they need to be concerned about our culture and environment.  Also they need to understand our traditional things. 

SMT  What do you think about the future of the major of Korean traditional house?

LEE  I think to inherit and develop our traditional culture we need a designer of Korean Architecture who can communicate with modern architecture or who can do the construction work for architectural properties.  So to tie in with the times, the department of Korean traditional houses will grow to maintain and repair Hanok in communication with modern architecture.

Recommendation Place to Explore about Hanok
1) Namsan Hanok Village
- There are five traditional Korean houses including the house of Park Young Hyo and houses of commoners.  You can see not only traditional architecture but also a traditional garden.  From April to October, it opens from 9AM to 7PM.  The village is near Chungmuro station.

2) Bukchon Hanok Village
- There are so-called reformed Hanoks in Bukchon.  For example they are equipped with glass gates in daecheong (a wooden-floored hall).  However you can see the harmony of traditional Hanok and modern things.



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