Sookmyung Honors Program Had a Briefing Session
Sookmyung Honors Program Had a Briefing Session
  • Kim Chung Jinyong / Cub Report
  • 승인 2010.10.06 19:30
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The first Honors program briefing session was held in the Career Development Center on September 1.   At this session, around 20 members of the first Honors Program students and several faculty members of the Office of International Affairs attended.   Sookmyung Honors Program is a global program in which students can attend eight weeks of Stanford University’s summer session.  This program started from this year.  Only one or two students who got the highest score of each major can attend, and there are also other several conditions to fulfill.  The briefing session consisted of a greeting by the Office of International Affairs commissioner and the presentation of students.  “This briefing session was planned to receive feedback from students and promote friendship among Honors Program members.  Students’ comments and feedback would definitely be helpful to future progress of this program.”  The Office of International Affairs team manager of SMU Lee Ju Hee said.


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