France Think Ability with Sookmyung
France Think Ability with Sookmyung
  • Park Bae Hyewon / Former Cultu
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SMU expanded the Global Explorer Program as a link of the Sookmyung Semester Abroad Program.  The expansion also supports merged explorer teams and On Going teams who are selected existing superior teams.  Through this, students in the Department of French Language & Culture and the Division of Law started to find their vision as regional experts of the EU.  When the two departments had organized a team, the university authority and the Office of International Affairs noticed this team and had the following doubts.

Q. Why did they select the EU?
- After the sign of FTA between Korea and EU, the two regions are expected to cause strife.  But there are few experts who can mediate and settle these disputes.  So the fusion team was formed to realize the gravity of the EU in Korea and also Asia, and what is the needed capacity to the regional experts.

Q. Why did they selected France as representative of the EU?
- France is ranked among the big-4, which has the most influential voice in the EU.  From the birth of the EU to now, France has had a strong social, political, and cultural impact on the EU.  Germany is also another influential nation for the EU, especially economically.  However, students perceived the possibility of French language as the official language in international organizations and the potential which has Francophones who are using French not only in France but also in the African Continent, the Middle East, and Asia.  Students therefore took a step forward France to understand the EU.

# L’Assemblée Nationale
Explorers visited L’Assemblée Nationale, the Assembly in France to comprehend how the efforts are legalized to solve different views according to regions or classes.  Cheon Jinjoo, junior student in the Division of Law, said, “This visit is the limited chance even to native students.  Watching the session of the Assembly, I can make clear the difference between this and the Korean Assembly.  And from this difference, I had have a chance to understand the culture.”

# Ministe re de la Culture et de la Communication
“It is our work to establish and symbolize the identity of the EU.  And we are trying to make it as a brand.  However, it is different to create the same culture.  We are supporting to share each cultural identity in the EU without any barrier.”  Explorers listened to the speech of experts, the Head of Eunopean Affairs office, the Ministny of Culture and Communication, Hélene HERSCHEL, the legal adviser.  They gave a lecture about disputes concerning cultural commodities which are increasing as active communication and interest about cultures between enterprises or countries, and solutions.  Chung Hyonsuk, junior student in the Department of French Language & Culture, said, “It was interesting that the EU is united with culture and the law mediates the relationship.  This visiting was the most meaningful visiting to our merged explorer team.”


# Dauphine University
Since 2007, GSIS-SMU have formed an exchange agreement with Paris Dauphine University, the best culture art management university in France, and began to offer a dual degree program in August of 2008.  Through this management students can be offered the same culture management Master 2 course and curricula that are offered in Paris Dauphine University. 1 Dauphine University is different with other universities in France which are easy to enter.  They have the high position of Grand Éstablishment, which is allowed only to the highest class educational institutions by the Ministry of Education in France.

- Inspecting a Class: Management of French Culture Students attended the lecture of Siyeun Moon, the Professor in SMU, Department of French Language & Culture.  The subject was, “The Korean Cultural Policy of Digital era” Yoon Myoungwon, sophomore student in the Department of French Language & Culture said, “I’m very interested in this study.  But it has been somewhat an obscured part to me.  However, after the lecture, I could give shape to my interest and my way.”

- Inspecting a Class: College of Law With the subject “High Equity; a challenge for European Health Care Systems,” students attended the lecture.  After the class, they had interviews with Korean students who major in economics in France.  Chu Mirim who is the junior student of the Division of Law said, “It was the opportunity to find the vision about my major, law study, in Europe.”

# Palais de Justice
The explorer team visited Palais de Justice, the Court of Justice in France to understand not only the French judicial system but also that of the EU.  The French judge Catherine Raynouard and lawyer Viviane Meunier went together and they answered students’ questions.  Ha Ji Young, sophomore student of the Division of Law said, “I was very impressed that France has a high ratio of female legal professionals.  The meeting with two gorgeous legal experts was a very exciting experience to me.”

# Conseil d’Etat
Conseil d’Etat prevents discord of public institutions.  This organization is not in Korea.  With them, the nation can avoid constitutional and legal mistakes and the possibility of legal disputes.  Through visiting this organization, explorers could get advice on how to unify different views among organizations, societies and nations.


“Combining Europe had been by force of arms but the modern combining of Europe is accomplishing extending over various economic, political, social and cultural fields.  And the Law is handling this in accordance with its mediation.  The importance of the EU in Korea is increasing but the interest about this society is still unprepared.  Through this explorer program, students could get a brand new vision, EU.” Lee Wookhan, the professor of the Division of Law, said.


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