Following the Faint Missing Love with Sweet Songs
Following the Faint Missing Love with Sweet Songs
  • Ahn Park Dabom / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.11.04 18:03
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SMU held the 3rd brunch concert on October 5 in Theater S in Renaissance Plaza, Sookmyung Art Center.  The theme of the concert was ‘Falling in love.’  The concert gave audiences many kinds of songs about love stories such as black laborers and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Professor Kim Kyung Hee conducted the Sookmyung Philharmonic Orchestra which composed of 80 junior and senior SMU students.  Han Kyu Won and SMU professor You Si Youn also took a part in baritone and violin for this brunch concert.  Starting with Scheherazade Op.35, they played 6 songs which reminded the missing love.  Park Hwa-in (40) said, “As a house wife, the concert was perfectly timed for me, because I could enjoy the concert after taking care of my children.”  The concert also offered a light brunch for audience.  The next brunch concert will be on November 2nd this year in Theater S under the theme ‘Sentimental Aria’ with Sookmyung Cello Ensemble.

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