Athletic Competition for International Students
Athletic Competition for International Students
  • Lim Lee Chaeri / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.11.05 13:32
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The first Chungpa Universiade Program for International Students was held in Hyochang Stadium on September 16.  Chungpa Universiade Program is an athletic meeting for International Students with the Sookmyung Buddy Leadership Group U.R.I..  It was for International Students and Korean students to share friendship.  Around 40 members of International Students and several members of SMU volunteer students attended.  Anyone who participated got a free T-shirt.  Before putting a team together, International Students organized into groups that played traditional games, pop balloon, quizes, relays and prizes.  Lee Kyung Min, Division of Chinese Language & Literature, ‘09 said, “Foreign students who came to SMU were fun to spend time together with in one place, so I felt really great.”  After completing the program, international students had dinner in Centennial Hall with Sookmyungians.  Photos taken at the Program will be exhibited in the Global Lounge. 

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