Be Excited Only Musical Thoughts So We Seollem
Be Excited Only Musical Thoughts So We Seollem
  • Lim Lee Chaeri / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.12.05 18:53
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Seollem means making someone’s heart flutter.  After watching a special show, have you ever clapped your hands?  Have you ever seen the expressions of the performers when you clap your hands?  At the end of performances with the audience clapping, there are those who feel excitement, rewards, and SoellemThe sookmyung Times(SMT) asked the representative of Soellem, I-gyeong Kim (Kim), with curious questions. 

SMT  Please tell about the musicals group Seollem. 

KIM  Seollem was established in 2003, and there are 40 active members.  Musical performers and a total staff of five areas consisting of music, design, choreography, creation, plan and cooperate with each other for the best in their fields and raise performances.  Seollem is a group of people who love musical and create performances from nothing.  So far regular performances were a total of nine times.  The coalition performances were one time. 

SMT  How long the preparation takes for a one show?

KIM  It usually takes about three months.  Through regular meetings every Monday practice and on weekends to practice.  We also practice during the vacation.  Because a lot of money is invested on a show, we collect dues each semester.

SMT  Not long ago, “Subway Line 1” ended. How did the show go?

KIM  Actually “Line 1” was not funny or comical so I was worried from the planning stage.  Most college students like romantic comedies, but we think that when we can’t make it a romantic comedy, it’s a challenge.  We were
worried because it was something we never tried before and we were also concerned how we could express it in Seollem way.  But, this became the first surplus performance as people come more than we thought.  We were very pleased with the unexpected outcome.

SMT  How does public relations find male actors?

KIM  Always actors through occasional openings go through an interview and audition.  I ask the male actor how he came there, and he said he found out through searching theInternet.  Even he said that the musical club site had only our school.  So we were very proud.

SMT  What is the most important element in musicals?

KIM  The most important thing is the harmony between the actors and staff.  If one team does not put their efforts and work hard, it makes the other teams difficult.  Also a passion for performance is required.  Because we did not get paid, a lot of time is required. 

SMT  When you are an active musical group, what is a hard thing?

KIM  A practice environment is very difficult.  A venue to practice is difficult and we also do the composite by ourselves for musical performances too.  Especially the preparation stage is difficult.  We saw a director and made the props.  The performance was ready perfectly even if the given environment was not.  I was disappointed about this as the performance couldn’t shine that much.  I’m embarrassed during the course of performing mistakes.  But mistakes are forgiven by ad-libbing, and sometimes they receive encouragement of the audience’s applause.


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