I Want to BeYour Senior
I Want to BeYour Senior
  • Kim Jung Jiwon / Culture Desk
  • 승인 2011.03.07 22:03
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She also joined a university club, ate with her friends at the cafeteria in the Myungshin Building, and took classes in the Queen Sunheon Building.  Only one different point from those times is the fact that now she goes to Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) as President.  This time, let’s meet the senior, President Young Sil Han (HAN), who attends SMU still.

SMT  For now, you have stayed at SMU a long time.  Are there any similar or different things between your school days and nowadays?  

HAN  When I see my students wearing a miniskirt, I smile recalling my desperate effort for dressing mini.  I think there are not that many differences, but there are some.  In my school times we read so much, not only for learning knowledge but also writing love letters.  There wasn’t any Internet or cellular phone, so we exchanged long letters over 2 weeks.  I know today’s students live in speed but I hope that they can feel the romance of slow and find awesome words in the books.  


SMT  You run Twitter (http://twitter. com/smupresident) for communicating with students.  Is there another plan for sharing time with students besides that?  

HAN  I opened my Twitter for motivating and encouraging my students one by one.  I have answered all of the thankful followers’ messages.  For me, students are eternal first ranking, so if they contact me I promise that I will do my best.  I recently met one SMU student who said, “When I was a high school student, I met you at the crossing.  I recognized you appearing in a TV program, so I asked to take a picture with you.  Then you said to me, ‘Let’s meet in SMU next time as Sookmyungians.’  At that time I couldn’t do well in study but I worked so hard so I could be one of the students in SMU.”  I discovered the importance of affectionate talking and meeting.  Therefore, I have cared more and more about my students with some events in school as well as Twitter.  This year, I make my every Wednesday to have time with students in the cafeteria, Blueberry, and the Main Library.  I hope I can have more opportunities to make it easy and comfortable for students.  



SMT  In SMU, SNOW 2.0 was established two years ago, and you also always emphasize the importance of foreign languages.  Please give some advice about that for students as seniors.

HAN  I have never studied aboard.  I only studied English in Korea, but I can say with confidence that I don’t have any trouble communicating with foreigners, including the President of Stanford University.  Therefore, I want to give chances for students to do well in English without going abroad.  From my experiences, I can help to develop SNOW 2.0, so I hope students hear what I’m saying now.  I can do quite well in English without any studying overseas because of listening to lectures every day in English and reading the Korea Herald from my school days, for about thirty years.  Whenever I can rest, I usually turn on English lectures, regardless of listening carefully.  I read newspapers in Korean every morning and after that I read the Korea Herald.  If you know the contents before reading the English newspaper, you don’t need to find a dictionary and also you can lower the stress that comes from unknown vocabulary.  Nowadays I make full use of my smart-phone for applications: SNOW, offering English lectures, CNN news, and the dictionary in my commuting times.  I suggest students to study easily and routinely.


SMT  You are so near to us, but you’re also a great successful career woman.  Please give some of your own tips for your juniors.

HAN  I think the most important thing is making a habit to do everything immediately without delay.  When I go home, I bring out clothes and shoes for tomorrow and get off my today’s clothes at the same time.  Form these small habits and the future will be made I think.  This can make people to make good use of their time.  The second thing I recommend is to take memos all day.  I always scrap on note from newspaper, books, and things that strike me suddenly, and write some simple memos on a small notebook put in my hand bag.  Almost all of the memos are about SMU and students.  Make your own memos according your own interests.  Today there are many things you can easily use examples from memo applications in smart phones.  I hope you can take many opportunities opened for you nearby.  












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