Sookmyungians, Showed the Beauty of Korea in Vietnam
Sookmyungians, Showed the Beauty of Korea in Vietnam
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.03.08 20:13
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From January 13 to 27, Sookmyungians went overseas for volunteers program.  The office of Social Services hosted the program and sixteen people went to Hai Duong, Vietnam to help handicaps and children from lower income brackets.  This was the first time visiting developing country in volunteers program.  The theme of this volunteer program was the arts and physical education.  Therefore, Sookmyungians taught drawing, Korean dance and music to Vietnam children; for example, Korean traditional fan dance, Yoot game (Korean traditional game enjoyed on New Year’s day), playing small drums.  Moreover, Sookmyungians went to a leper colony and showed pop song dance, taekwondo and talchum (Traditional dance of Korea with a mask on) to lepers, and this made sookmyungians felt worthy with their voluntary works.  Also, on the last day, Sookmyungians performed Korean traditional dance, played ukulele (four-stringed instrument) and joined the chorus in Hai Duong Center of Social Welfare with children.  This made Vietnams to be interested in the Sookmyung volunteers program, and the chief of the Hai Duong Center of Social Welfare commended that SMU students did the most methodical arts and physical education volunteer work.  Lee Jung Min, the member of the Office of Social Services stated, “we think doing this kind of volunteer work once more will be good.” Therefore, by supplementing some faults, Office of Social Service can host the program again in the vacation.  

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