Infinite Challenge to the World, KOREA!
Infinite Challenge to the World, KOREA!
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“Do you know why Dokdo (located in the East Sea is a part of Korean territory) is our land?”  It is the first question of Korean PR Expert, Seo Kyoungduk (SEO).  Student reporters opened their mouth hesitatingly but no one could not give the exact reasons.  “That’s the problem.”  The reporters became silent at his words.  He also said  "A lot of Koreans can't explain the exact reasons why Dokdo is Korean territory.  At that rate, how can we persuade Japanese?" On one glorious spring day, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) met him with other university newspaper reporters.  Now, SMT will introduce the solution so you can be reborn as a Korean PR Expert.




Twenties’ Dream, Korea in My Heart

Korea PR of Seo was started at twenty.  When he was a freshman, he went backpacking around Europe.  However, Europeans were so ignorant about Korea.  They thought he was Japanese or Chinese.  He thought it was very important not only to learn from advanced culture but also to let the world know our culture.  So he began with little work, but Seo didn’t know he would work to promote it continually.  Firstly, he made Korea promotional brochures in English bought with his own money in a big trunk and donated them to city libraries, university libraries, and information centers.  And then, he came out searching for museums to launch Korean services and brochures while he was in New York.  In fact, he waited two and half months to meet the person who takes care of language services of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Finally, he made a contract but he could not be financed.  So he returned to Korea and visited about 200 institutions to raise the funds.
He attracted Korean services in sponsorship in one and half years.  At that time, he was just 26-27 years old.  He is still doing his best to promote Korea every day.  He went wherever the person concerned had visited and watched whatever the person had interviewed for hosting FIFA World Cup in 2002.  And he also held a commemorative event for August 15 National Liberation Day in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Patriotism, Korea Is My Homeland

There were a lot of difficulties to start with.  Seo had many ideas based on personal experiences from traveling the whole world.  However, it was hard to get support.  People asked him whether it was necessary or not because the works things no one had ever tried.  He was just a student, so people could not believe him easily.  But now, he is supported by the government, companies, and netizens through his untiring efforts.

He graduated from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Graduate School of Life & Environmental Science.  He is processing an environment project in his major of study.  That’s because environment is one of the main hot topics all over the world, so it’s easy to attract their attention.  And, he also earned a Master in the Department of Culture & Tourism to study more about Korea.






Fair Objectivity, Korea in the World

Seo said that the main point of his PR activities is fair objectivity.  When he visited one museum in Europe, there was East Asia complete map at the entrance in the gallery.  According to him, inevitably, the sea between Korea and Japan had the name of Sea of Japan.  However, he saw one Korean had scratched the map and written with a marker pen “East Sea.”  He advised, “It was damage to property.  If you encounter a similar situation, you should counteract formally with objective information at the museum.  It’s fair.”  And he also emphasized the importance of global etiquette because foreigners can remember and make images about Korea according to Korean manners and treatment.  In addition, he said that many Koreans are afraid of foreigners, but it is not good for development of tourism.

Lastly, Seo pressed continuous interest to promote Korea.  “Our biggest enemy is not Japan or China.  It is only our indifference.  How much do you know about Dokdo exactly?”




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur and Fri, Fri, Fri

“I never had ever slept more than four hours a day.  It’s important how much you do your best in your waking hours.  Today, undergraduates just want to be employed at a ‘good company,’ not get a ‘desired job.’  I introduced myself as dreaming Seo Kyoungduk.  I will run and run until Korea becomes the country contributing for the world.  Find your own dream.  Why can’t you work seven days a week though you are young?  Do it!  Have tenacity!”




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