Special Ceremony for Sookmyungians
Special Ceremony for Sookmyungians
  • Lee Jung Seung Ji
  • 승인 2007.06.20 12:45
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On May 16, SMU held a coming-of-age ceremony for students came of age and favors ceremony for parents of students and professors at the Immanuel Hall, Renaissance Plaza.  President Kyungsook Lee attended this event along with distinguished guests and blessed Sookmyungians who were barely of age by saying “I hope that you become leaders of Korea and the world with obvious objectecives and vision.”  She added, “I wish you live a mature life with the behavior and posture of an adult.” 

The coming of age was done in the traditional way and there was a special stage with MAX(dancing club), concert by S.O.Phi.A(concert group) and vocals music by voice students, and cheering by NIVIS.  Moreover, the thing that attendance did point the best was performance of President Kyungsook Lee and Professors.  They wore NiViS costume and cheered for SMU.  Every performance ended with the periods of shouting for joy.

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