Can't Believe MY EYES
Can't Believe MY EYES
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.06.06 17:27
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Have you ever been to a trick art museum?  Can you feel realistic?  From now, you cannot believe your eyes. Drawings that you can see in the museum are more realistic than photographs.  Material for the drawings is what we can easily see in our lives.  Drawings about landscapes of daily life are very realistic, so they make us to think of our lives as unreal.



Still life

In the first section, there are drawings of stationary objects.  The most impressive painting was Korea Fantasy (Kim Eunok, 2008).  The painting of a package wrapped in a beautiful cloth makes us to feel warm.  Also, throughout this painting, we could see the beauty of Korea.  You can see the saturated red color is well harmonized with a milk and rose color.  Moreover, a painting of grapes covered with plastic is worth notice in this section, too.  Even though there is an announcement that it is not a picture, for a long time we could not take our eyes off from these paintings.

Land & Human Scape

In this section, most of paintings are detailed descriptions of certain parts or scenery of the city or nature.  When you stand in front of a painting entitled The Eye, you cannot help but applaud.  By facing the eye, you can get goose bumps because it looks very graphic.  Moreover, you can feel peaceful when you see the painting One’s Way Home (歸路).  The sun is setting and the people walking down the road make us restful. 

Hyperrealism is concerned with daily subject matter; for example, stationary objects, people, and landscapes.  Painters draw objects more realistically than clear images on a screen, so they describe them down to the minutest details.  The quality of all paintings was very good, as if they are all pictures, and the degree of completion of these paintings was  good, too. And I feel glad to see this perfect art because these days it is hard to feel integrity.  If you have enough time, why don’t you visit the museum and feel the earnest effort of the painters?


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