I Will Leave but You Will Be Left
I Will Leave but You Will Be Left
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-
  • 승인 2011.06.06 17:38
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This June issue is the last time I will publish the Sookmyung Times(SMT).  I never could imagine I will leave SMT some time or another when I was just a young cub reporter.  However, over time, before I knew it, it was time to leave SMT.  I loved SMT with all my heart and soul for two and a half years. So I guessed vaguely I would not be able to accept retirement but now that it actually has taken place, I am astonished everything was all perfectly natural.  To be honest, I am so afraid now.  As a student reporter and editor-in-chief, all that SMT was quite natural for me.  It is like losing more than half of campus life.

 Sookmyungians, you also have experienced special endings.  And, some of you will graduate and leave school in this fall semester.  Until now, I have always seen only happy seniors who smiled glittery on graduation day.  I think my seniors already knew the meaning of ending. And now, I know there is no necessity for worrying about SMT at last.  As it was for the seniors, although I leave SMT or SMU, they will be well because of the new juniors.  And someday, they also will leave in a lighthearted mood.

Everything has a beginning and all the things must come to an end.  The end is another beginning.  Ending and beginning are driving forces to move forward and change.  Stagnant water is bound to corrupt. Through a nice ending, the water will start to flow strong.  I did my best, but I think I was not good enough as a leader.  I believe my juniors will be able to do better.  Finally, I will leave, but you will be left and you can also develop an organization.  The change makes creation.  I guess we achieved the merit of a successful conclusion.  I dedicated our last magazine to our beloved juniors, thankful colleagues, and respectable professors, Siyeon Moon and Tower

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