Meet the U.S. Ambassador to Korea, Katheleen Stephens
Meet the U.S. Ambassador to Korea, Katheleen Stephens
  • Ryu Joo Seunghee / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.09.14 20:55
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On May 25, Kathleen Stephens, Chief of Mission Ambassador in Korea visited SMU.  She had a town hall meeting at Samsung Convention Center in the Centennial Hall.  She was questioned about diplomacy, national defense, and culture from seven student representatives.  She answered all of the questions with sincerity.  Answering the question on women leadership and multicultural society, she said that she appreciated the improvement of women’s social status in Korea in the last 30 years.  She added that it is impressive that Korea appreciates various cultures and is advancing toward being a more open society.  She also said that the role of women is getting more important in 3D which stands for Development, Defense, and Diplomacy.  Kim Do yun, freshman of LCB Hospitality Management said, “It was very precious time.  She has an open mind to Korea and Korean students.  She is my role model from now on.”  Ambassador Stephens encouraged Sookmyungians to be the first women to do something.

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