The Beauty of Make-up
The Beauty of Make-up
  • Kim Ji Hyeeun
  • 승인 2011.10.08 23:00
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We are studying continuously not just our major.  In Naver blog, we can take a lot of information about our daily life.  The most common thing is make-up skills.  In the past, we just saw a result of processing picture.  However, recently many female students acquire the courses of makeup.  Moreover, most females imitate those doubtlessly for finding the best way.  They usually buy all tools even brushes and pouches which are posted in blogs.  At the beginning of this trend, TV programs relative to makeup are famous.  Why people are enthusiastic to cosmeticize, especially female college students?


What is Make-Up, for Women?
In the past, women remained a naked face which is popular in modern women.  It is women’s roman in present.  However, the thing we have to focus is that it was not intended for trend.  The reason is they adorned themselves in special day.  Make-up was one of those courses.  Among those, they cosmeticized very passively.  It was affected Korean’s second nature, self-conscious habit.  They didn’t want to catch the public eye.  Also in that age, women’s make-up was perceived immorality deed.  They thought inner beauty was more important than outer beauty.¹  Unlike the past, it is a kind of manners to powder one’s face in contemporary society.  Regardless of when or where, it is daily life of women.  Also, to show one’s unpainted face becomes special case and women start to find the way to present themselves well to others.  Still people bother other’s eyes, but the notion of makeup has changed positively, it is transformed a sort of etiquette.


Why We Make-Up Ourselves?
We are getting used to our face with make-up.  To cosmeticize is not special but daily.  It is changing our image.  It is affected in society’s atmosphere to force us make up.  Also, it raises cosmetic companies’ competition.  They make various cosmetics line and promote those, make up show a lot.2 Moreover, they start to make open stores which can make a connect more actively with costumer and have both art and cosmetic concept.  It appeals many people and attract women in front of their dressing table.  This stream in beauty flow many magazines.  Besides, media effect is also big part of this situation.  With growing women’s participate in society and adolescents’
exposure of mess media, makeup culture permeated naturally.  About this trend, many people have some thoughts.  According the survey, 45% of female college students said, “Make up makes me perfect.  After that course, I have self-contentment.”  32% of those said, “If I didn’t do that, I would be ashamed myself.  It is the reason I have to make up every day.”   Twenty-three percent of respondents said, “Oppression of society lets me wear makeup.”   Other opinions are “Make up is addictive or I want to be pretty.”  That is, many women want to be perfect, so it reflects some parts of their makeup. 
We spend so much time decorating ourselves.  Especially, we concentrate on cosmetic and the way how to makeup.  It is kinds of self-esteem.  According to utility theory in economics, if someone gained content throughout makeup, it would be the most responsible choice for whom.  Therefore, women are investing themselves for achieving, changing of surroundings and satisfying.  “Make-up is neither extravagance nor wrong action any more.  Instead, it can help them regain mental security and improve the quality of women’s life,” explained Hong Sungtae.3 Throughout makeup, we can get many things about in and out.  But, it should be not main method to grow up ourselves but just assistant thing.  When it comes perfectly, we can have real contentment.  Let’s wear Make-Up!






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