Break Free from Prejudice
Break Free from Prejudice
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
  • 승인 2011.10.09 14:11
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Outdoor activity of university students’ tutoring business for supporting study was done on August 24 in Sookmyung Women’s University Museum.  As a tutoring program usinguniversity students, the framework of this business is connecting Sookmyungians with elementary school students from multicultural families in Yongsan for supporting study one on one.


All Sookmyungians can be tutors after screening resumes and interviews and the chosen get to aid elementary school students for two hours per week through visiting the tutee’s home or school.  Also, they have one outdoor activity during vacation with their tutee, and this time, it was done touring the SMU Museum and making a Korean fan.


“Although I thought I didn’t have a social prejudice with friends from multicultural families, I have it unconsciously.  However, through this program, I can feel vividly that they are a part of our society having same thoughts and eating same food, even just a different appearance,” said Ryu Yoonmi, ’08 Public Administration, who participates in this program as a tutor.


This business was started with the purpose to help women from multicultural families adjust in Korea well by educating their children. “Although Korea is changing to a multicultural society, we felt educational systems to teach children are still short for married migrant women.  In that way, this program was started and is expected to help women from multicultural families’troubles even after the end of it, because this program takes place one on one,” said Ko Sun researcher in the Research Institute of Asian Women.


As the tutoring program works, children from multicultural families can receive help in having identity and pride as Koreans, and can get a chance to form a trust with Koreans through the connection with tutors.  Also, this program is expected to give opportunities to break free from prejudice and stereotypes and to improve ability for understanding about multicultural families for tutors who are university students.




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