Meet Friends with Fingertips
Meet Friends with Fingertips
  • Lim Le Hyungsun
  • 승인 2011.10.09 14:30
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The event titled Shake Hands Day was held by Sookmyung Braille translation volunteer on September 3.  In this event, blind students who are in Seoul school for the bilnd and Hanbit school for the blind were invited and had enjoying time.  The event was held for the third to communicate and build friendships between SM Braille translation volunteer and blind students.  The program had two parts and in the first part, principals of 12 schools for the blind from all over the country awarded SM Braille translation students for their service.  Next part was composed of various talent shows of blind students.  They sang in chorus and one of them played saxophone nicely.  Also, interesting recreational activities were included such as a speed quiz and unanimous game.  Kwon Soonin who is the head of Sookmyung Braille translation volunteer, 72 Department of Physics, said SM Braille translation volunteer make Braille textbooks and translate word written in ink into Braille.  To celebrate and make our members feel how much our activities are necessary we have this event.  I hope more students have valuable time with blind students through this event.  In event, almost 100 people including 60 SM Braille translation volunteer attended and students had great time to come closer each others.



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