Chungpa Essay Contest
Chungpa Essay Contest
  • Choung Jang Jiae
  • 승인 2011.11.08 11:06
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Chungpa essay contest was held in HyoChang Park, Paljung gak on October 5th at 10 AM.  The event was hosted by the Division of Korean Language and Literature and Sookmyungians from any divisions were permitted to participate freely.  For the main event small snacks as well as notebooks and pens were provided along with the topic of the contest.  Unlike last year’s contest three topics were given instead of one.  The topics were in the following order: “Street to Street,” “Low yet Vulnerable,” and “Scars.” Professor Choi Sihan, the dean of The Korean Language and Literature division commented that the reason for giving three topics was to challenge students to create more original and innovative piece.  “Expectations for the students are very high.  The essay contest is meant for every student in SMU to take interest in writing.  I am very glad that more than 100 students showed up for the main event.” Many Korean Language and Literature students were able to participate in the contest thanks to the attendance substitution system.  Professors within the division gave immunity of missing classes when students were to be part of the contest.  The awards ceremony was taken the next day, on October 6th in Korean Language and Literature office.  Kim Heejin, ‘09 Korean Literature, was selected as the best writer in the prose section while Yoo Yenni, ‘08 Korean Literature, was named the best poetry writer.  After Yoo was called for the prize she said, “ I am very honored to be receiving this award today.  Originally I was majoring in clothing and textiles but my heart was always in writing.  I tried very hard to improve my writing skills and finally managed to change my major this year.  It is as if my hard work is finally paying off.” According to the Korean Language and Literature office, the quality of writing was very high compared to last year.  In addition, among many of contestants, three of the prize winners were freshmen.



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