Learn English in a Cafe
Learn English in a Cafe
  • Park Yang Yeonji
  • 승인 2011.11.08 11:09
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The English cafe has started in the cafe located on the first floor in the Center for Continuing Education from Monday to Thursday.  The English cafe is a program to talk freely with foreign professors and students of lingua express.  If the students bring their friends, they can also participate.  This program provides opportunities to learn English used in real life naturally differently from many books and classroom atmosphere.  Joe, Lingua express’ professor, said, “I got the idea from an educational program called ‘voice lesson.’ When I worked at a Japanese company named NOVA, there was voice lesson, which improves employees’ foreign language skills just through everyday conversation.  So I was inspired to open it.” He said he does not only explain unilaterally culture and the background of America, but also he himself can learn Korean society from the students.  They talk about everything without specific topics, or students bring topics.  Student who select the subject can develop their ability to lead the story.  Lingua express’ cafe is always open.



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