Our New Multiplex Hall
Our New Multiplex Hall
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
  • 승인 2011.11.08 11:11
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The all-purpose building was completed at the second Chang-Hak campus, it took four months from last April.  Our students have waited to have the Multiplex Hall after the breaking up of Grand Auditorium.  It is almost ready to accommodate the indoor sports stadium and it is already being used for lecture of Physical-Education department.  Lots of students are satisfied with this building because this one is available for all of student, and it can be used with a variety purpose such as sports festivals, workout-occasion for faculty, classes for general education, and so on.  Before constructing this building, most sports festivals were held on the small lawn in front of Sae-Him hall.  This lawn was not suitable for a large sports festival.  “When we didn’t have any stadium, we had to look for other places with stadium.  It is better than before, but this Multiplex Hall isn’t fit for all kinds of sports because it is too small for basketball-game,” said Lee, ’09 Physical Education.  Meanwhile, when the construction of this building started in April, some students complained about the inconvenience of the road, and destroying a place for relaxing next to the Science Department building.  But it was an opportunity cost for more useful campus life.  Any Sookmyungians can use this building, if you want to use or rent this building for a while, you have to submit an application through the Blue-Ribbon system.  From now on, we can enjoy there and our new all purpose building is ready.



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