Sports Day
Sports Day
  • Park Yang Yeonjj
  • 승인 2011.11.08 11:13
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Buddy leadership group U.R.I.  and office of international affairs held a sports day in Hyochang Stadium on October 10.  They invited all foreign exchange students.  U.R.I.  is a group that is comprised of university students and graduate students.  U.R.I.  means ‘we’ in Korean and give a helping hand to international students by offering 1:1 buddy match-ups.  They have prepared special events monthly and the fall field day was october event.  Their aims were to become intimate and to get to think that sportsmanship is not distinct from each other.  From start to finish, they made a plan and their principal progressed favorably.  They made a team and prepared many games such as a one-legged fight, limbo, popping a balloon with bound feet, a mission race and relays.  Mijung Yoon who is a member of U.R.I., ’11 Department of business administration, said “I don’t really have many chances to see those foreign students who are not my buddies if I don’t contact them individually, so it was very great to see so many foreign students at once who I never met before.  Also foreign students don’t have many chances to see each other in the same place, so many students don’t recognize each other if they have different nationalities.  I’m sure that they met many good people here.” Let's look forward to more interesting activities of U.R.I..




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