Sookmyungians Become Lady Justice!
Sookmyungians Become Lady Justice!
  • Park Yang Yeonji / Cub Reporte
  • 승인 2011.12.20 12:44
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The bar examination is to be abolished in 2017 and law school will replace it.  Among private universities, without law schools, Sookmyung Women’s University presented remarkable results in that 20 or more graduates passed the law school exam.  Nine people in the first year, 17 last year, and 22 people this year have passed.  SMU showed a constant annual increase in pass rate of the students.  SMU had students entering eight law schools out of all 25 law schools. Although the personnel selection through the bar exam dwindles away, 5 students passed the second-round state bar exam.  It is the largest number of people until now.  A good grade of SMU means not only increase of prospective lawyers, but also increase of female lawyers.  Kim Heedong, professor of the Division of Law said, “The number of the successful candidates from the college of law is increasing.  It means that the 3 years law course in the law school is insufficient for lawyers to get executive ability.  The successful candidates from the college of law have a decided advantage over those who are not.  To enter the law school, students need an outstanding grade point average (GPA), grade of English ability test, and to take the Legal Education Eligibility Test (LEET).” More, many law students in SMU are likely to pass the exam.  Sookmyungians become Lady Justice.

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