Briquette Delivery Along with Warm Hearts
Briquette Delivery Along with Warm Hearts
  • Choung Jang Jiae / Cub Reporte
  • 승인 2011.12.20 12:55
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On December 23, volunteers for briquette sharing event gathered in Soonhun Square.  More than 100 students gathered in order to help out.  The purpose of the main event was to give hands to those people who are in need.  Thus, that is how Sookmyung decided to go around low income villages and hand out briquettes for free.  For the event, volunteers were given with equipments in orientation along with directions.  They were given with tools to help briquette delivery.  Those include, apron, arm warmer, vests, gloves and so on.  Volunteers were dressed in blue coats, representing the color of Sookmyung Womens University.  Volunteers were divided into several teams to visit different neighborhoods in Yongsan district.  For instance, they were assigned to go to Samgakji, Namyoung dong, Hooam dong and Seogye dong.  Lee A ra from the Division of Korean Language and Literature commented, “I feel very proud of myself for being a Sookmyung student.  I am glad that the school is very interested in helping out the poor.  Such events enable me to appreciate everything I have.” According to Lee, school voluntary events are organized very smoothly.  It was her second time being involved in the school voluntary event after the Kimchi preparation work.  The briquette sharing event was organized by Sookmyung Women’s University and Yongsan gu office.

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