Friendship Sprang Up In the Philippine
Friendship Sprang Up In the Philippine
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun / Reporter
  • 승인 2012.03.12 15:27
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The SMU overseas volunteer group went to Leyte, Philippines during the winter vacation.  This volunteering group was composed of Jo Jungho, head of the team, and 15 SMU students and was done by the SMU division of social services.  They stayed in Leyte from January 6 to 20 teaching local elementary students.  Because Leyte is a very isolated island, the education system, especially in arts and physical education, is very poor.  Therefore, in this island, SMU students and local elementary students did various activities in arts and physical education.  Local children learned some easy musical instruments and played them.  Also, they had time to experience Korean traditional games such as making kites and playing jegichagi (Korean shuttlecock).  The SMU overseas volunteer group taught easy Korean greetings to local children.  Lee, who participated in this winter volunteer group said, “Although it was hard to communicate because of different language, this was a really happy experience for me because local children greeted us very favorably and enjoyed various activities.”  Through this winter service trip, both SMU students and the Philippine students had a valuable chance to meet special friends having a great time.

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