Great Chance to be Close with Korea
Great Chance to be Close with Korea
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
  • 승인 2012.03.12 19:49
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In 2012, Sookmyung Institute for Multicultural Studies (SIMS) was selected as an operatingagency of KIIP (Korea Immigration andIntegration Program) which ministry of justice is supporting.  SMU is the 4th institution in Seoul (after Seoul National university of education, Sungkyul University, Hankuk University for Foreign Studies and Ewha Womans University) and manages Jung-gu, Yongsan-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu and Sungdong-gu.  KIIP is a program helping and educating international students, foreign workers, and married immigrants adapt to life in Korea.  It provides Korean language and history courses, and every legal alien can apply for free.  After the course, applicants get some rewards; benefits to acquirement of nationality, extra points for changing visa to residence of professionals (F-2), and acquire certification of proficiency in Korean (KIIP-KLT) etc.  “It is a great chance for foreigners who are living in Korea, because compared to any other curriculum, the rewards which this program supports are really profitable and give substantive help.” Kim Kyungjin, a researcher of SIMS, said.  Furthermore, it is recommended to foreign students, such as exchange students who want to study Korean culture deeply.  In addition, SIMS has operated an ABT (Active Brain Tower) course which trains professional instructors of multicultural fields for four years.  It says that many professional instructors are ready to join the KIIP, and KIIP has a solid foundation as an educational business.  Also, since SMU was chosen as an operating agency of KIIP, it is expected that undergraduates can get diverse chances to participate in multicultural studies such as conferences and volunteer work.  If you want more information, visit



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