Let’s Indulge In Latin American Art
Let’s Indulge In Latin American Art
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
  • 승인 2012.03.12 19:52
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From January 31th, SMU museum hold Mexican Art exhibition for two months.  This exhibition begins in commemoration of 50 years since Korea established diplomatic ties with Mexico.  In this exhibition, the great master of Latin American art and Mexican mural, Diego Rivera’s pieces are on display.  Also, famous modern artists’ 45 works are shown.  This is the first time to exhibit them in Korea, so the exhibition is considered very unique and high in scarcity.  Through this exhibition, you can check unique and colorful Mexican modern art and learn about emotion of Latin America.  Especially the murals represent Mexican nation’s distinct characteristics and sorrow during confusing times socially and politically.  “In front of one piece of art which one man and two women are depicted on, I was really impressed.  From it, I could recall the men who died with extreme trouble in conjugal relationship in the book Tz’uhsi.  It means this exhibition makes me be fascinated in Latin American mood entirely”.  Choi Eunjung, Department of Statistics 11’ said. Quintessence of Mexican Art In the 20th Centuryruns until March 31th for free.



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