Step forward a Leader through Leadership Camp
Step forward a Leader through Leadership Camp
  • An Lee Jung-un
  • 승인 2007.09.10 15:43
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The SMU Leadership groups experienced a leadership learning program from August 21 to 23.  About 100 Sookmyungians who joined a leadership group participated in this camp.  The Naval Academy sponsored this camp, so Sookmyungians went to The Naval Academy to experience camp. 

Sookmyungians did sea training like IBS (Imflatable Boat Small), Cruiseship and visited a naval museum.  In addition, they learned Admiral Yi Sunshin's leadership.  Park Soo-jung, joined a Sookmyung Academic Affairs Monitor, said, "I can learn leadership through this camp and it is unforgettable time to me." 

SMU expects to incorporate stregth in leadership, to make strength part of the S-leadership (Strength, Service, Skill, and Scholarship).  Also they hope Sookmyungians find vision and way to develop their leadership groups.

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