Waiting for NEW, You
Waiting for NEW, You
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
  • 승인 2013.03.08 23:32
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There was no big difference between January 1st during the sweet winter vacation and the previous day, December 31st.  I had the same daily life, waking up early and going to university for the Sookmyung Times, training as I did only yesterday.  I couldn’t feel the new coming year, enjoy short travel to another country, or even eat tteokguk on Lunar New Year’s Day.  At last, today putting out this March issue, I realize the fact that I said good bye to 2012 and greeted a new year, 2013.  With this, start of class makes me feel that now I am really a junior and all of these facts weigh heavily on my shoulders.  However, it’s the start of a new semester of 2013, anyway.  With this word ‘start,’ I remember a phrase in a book I read during this vacation.  “We don’t think something familiar.  When we meet a new environment and something strange, at last, we come up with new ideas in our minds.  Therefore, for my development, it is important to think of something new by taking on a challenging new environment and making a new habit through this. ”

For all of us, a new term is a new environment for our development.  It especially touches freshmen more, who just became Sookmyungians.  For me, this term is a new term of 2013 and at the same time, is a final term at the Sookmyung Times.  People say that the difference between beginning and ending is paper-thin.  We know well that starting off on the right foot is the most important thing for a successful conclusion.  I also prepared the first issue of 2013 with a beating heart for a good finish at SMT, and with this, I kept the words in my mind, “If you don’t live in the way you think, you will think as the way you think. ”  How about your new year’s resolution or wish?  I hope you have a good start and that as you recall this day, you never regret during this semester or at year end.  To all Sookmyungians, have a happy and vibrant start!  

 Ps.  Ah, freshmen! Welcome you to our Sookmyung Women’s University and sincerely I am pleased to meet you as a Sookmyungian.  Of course, if we meet you as a Sookmyung Times cub reporter, I would be a great deal more pleased.  We’re waiting for you to meet at SMT.

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