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[JOIN US] Feminist for you, Feminist with you
When you first hear “feminism,” what comes to your mind? Whatever you think, feminism is the belief and aim that women should have the same
Yoon Han Eunjung / Reporter   2012-04-09
[INTERVIEW] Hi Buddy, You are an Exchange Student, And I Want to be
Whatever your major is or whatever your grade is, maybe you can meet foreign friends in your class. What do you think about them? Is it di
Lee Lim Hyungsun   2012-04-09
[PEOPLE] What Men Live By?
One day when the bus a doctor took broke down, he saw a surprising sight. Where the bus stopped was one dal-dongne and what amazed him was
Lee Lim Hyungsun   2012-04-09
[ALUMNAE] Think, Act Differently from Others!
Im Mi-na, CEO of I-Ro Style, achieved sustainable growth in her career. At first, she started her business with just one hundred thousand w
Kim Chung Jin Yong   2012-04-07
[PEOPLE] Wake Up Your Own Soul!
Commonly, people explain the Department of Business Administration with a saying “When you hang it on ears, it becomes earrings, and when yo
Ahn Park Dabom / Women Desk Ed   2012-03-12
[ALUMNAE] Paint Your Imaginary Picture
When you were a kid, the world that you saw in the picture book was made in her fingertips. From the paint writer Yoo Aero.....
Lim Lee Hyungsun / Reporter   2012-03-12
[JOIN US] Feel the Beat with Black Soul Ladies
What comes to your mind when you think of rappers? Does it match with young women university students? Maybe you might think their combinati
Kim Chung Jinyong   2011-12-21
[INTERVIEW] How To Get To The Global Market?
Hve you ever heard about the logistics? iT includes distributing goods to customer as well as transporting frieghts form one country to ano
Yoon Han Eunjung   2011-12-21
[INTERVIEW] To English, Why Are You So Serious?
Korea seems to be in the grip of English fever. Since childhood, children go to the kindergarted which teaches in English only, and after b
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-12-21
[INTERVIEW] To English, Why Are You So Seious?
Korea seemsto b in the grip of English fever. Since childhood, children go to the kindergarten which teaches in Eglish only, and after beco
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-12-21
[ALUMNAE] Hit And Run Toward Your Dream!
When you heard about softball, what is first thought occurred to you? Maybe you will recallbaseball which is very similar to softball.There
Yoon Han Eunjung   2011-12-18
[PEOPLE] The first Reporter to Come in Brand
People often chase superficial values in life. However, when caring for titles, money and power they realize in the end that they are too di
Choung Jang Jiae   2011-12-18
[INTERVIEW] Our Life with SNS
Byun Ji Geunah   2011-11-10
[PEOPLE] Have Your Own WHY
Why do you study? Why do you want to make money? Can you define your purpose? Like a lame rat,people just do their best to run. They don’t
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-11-07
[ALUMNAE] I Want to Be on My Way!
Nowadays, people deny being different from others. Although they say, “I want to have my own identity,” they only want tohave their identity
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-11-07
[PEOPLE] Sweet Dream in Sugar
The Sookmyung Times (SMT) interviewed Lee Jongyoul (LEE), the director of the sugar craft institute ‘Sugaratelier.’
Kim Chung Jinyong   2011-10-08
[ALUMNAE] Make a Beauty in the Museum
“A curator is a blessed job. I can work with lots of relics, and I make an effort to preserve them. Also, by showing preserved relics to pe
Byun Ji Geunah   2011-10-08
[INTERVIEW] Fairy Tale, It IsFair For Everyone
Do you remember the story when you were young? Do you think it is childish and hollow for us whomlive in a real life which is hard and tough
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-10-06
[PEOPLE] For a Better World, KaKao Talk
"KaTok* to me~" It is a new bye. KaKaoTalk has become the routine for smartphone users. Some people buy smartphones to use this most belov
Ryu Joo Seunghee   2011-09-21
[INTERVIEW] Let's Participate in Clubs!
Have you ever seen the Leadership festival? That event was introduced as one of SMU’s many clubs. Many Korean students often know aboutclu
Kim Ji Hyeeun / Reporter   2011-09-14
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