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[EDITORIAL] Towards Ubiquitous Learning
Education environment at Sookmyung has undergone major changes in recent years. In particular wehave witnessed how effectively Problem Based
Sehjae Chun   2009-09-12
[LETTER] New Start
Happy September! It’s a new start for the semester. I hope thateveryone had a great summer vacation. It is a new month andnew semester. You
Park Kim Haena   2009-09-12
[LETTER] Heartbeat
What makes your heart beat? Your favorite movie star? Your brand-new shoes? In my case, seeing legendarypeople who are enjoying or have enjo
Cho Ku Yunji   2009-06-05
[EDITORIAL] The Value of Inconvenience
On the Sookmyung campus, I know one professor who does not have a cellular phone. In his office, there is no air conditioner on the wall. I
Jo Samsup   2009-05-11
[LETTER] What Makes Conversation Worthwhile?
Do you know Thomas Edison? He was one of the greatest and most influential inventors that ever lived. What about Henry Ford? As many know, h
Cho Ku Yunji   2009-05-11
[LETTER] See the Broader World without Prejudice
There’s an old saying that to see is to believe, which means that the most precise way to learn about something is to experience it yourself
Cho Ku Yun-ji   2009-04-10
[EDITORIAL] Challenge to Science and Engineering Education using e-Science
Information technology has been impacting major aspects of our society in only a few years, creating a global post office, a global shopping
Kim Yoonhee   2009-04-03
[COLUMN] Our Bright Future?
Korea is a relatively small country, with very limited land for farming. All the food we eat originates from soil of the land. On calculat
Professor Dong Gon Park   2009-03-04
[LETTER] Do Imagine, Don´t be Afraid of Failure
¨…Actually, I have wracked my mind and heart for what I ought to say to you today. I have asked myself what I wish I had known at my own gra
Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자   2009-03-02
[EDITORIAL] A Black President in the White House
The election of Barack Obama marked a renewal of America’s promise. He is the first African-American elected president and its historical si
Kyudok Hong   2008-12-04
[LETTER] Present for Yourself
What do you want for Christmas? Christmas has always been one of the most special holidays for many people for many reasons. Without a doubt
Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자   2008-12-04
[EDITORIAL] May I sign up for the class taught in English?
During the registration period, many students seem to be drown into the various kinds of dilemma. Obviously one of them is whether to take t
Sehjae Chun   2008-11-09
[COLUMN] Obsolete + Knowledge = Obsoledge
You may have experienced that the old pictures of someone else or you were so funny because people in the pictures were old-fashioned; their
Cho Ku Yunji   2008-10-07
[EDITORIAL] Trust, legitimacy and reputation
Over the years, trust has been noted in many areas such as psychology, marketing, leadership, public relations and interpersonal communicati
Samsup Jo   2008-09-05
[LETTER] Do You Know?
Students are getting busier as their new semester begins. They have too many things to worry about, including getting good grades and lookin
Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자   2008-09-05
[EDITORIAL] Anniversaries
So let me confess. I'm not much of an anniversary guy, and I wasn't raised in the anniversary-conscious family setting. My mom is the only o
Hyung-jin Lee   2008-06-08
[LETTER] There Is So Much to Do but Life Is Short
‘There is so much to do but life is short.’ What do you think about this sentence? I agree with this sentence very much, because time goes b
안정언 기자   2008-06-08
[LETTER] Overcome Feelings of Depression
Spring is coming and the weather is getting warm. It is very beautiful and the queen of the seasons. However, not everyone enjoys spring. So
안정언 기자   2008-05-10
[LETTER] Girls Be Ambitious!
I meet elementary school students every Saturday because I volunteer as a teacher. One day I asked my students about their dreams for the fu
안정언 기자   2008-04-07
[EDITORIAL] The Holy Lake, Bedesda!
Once upon a time there was a lake called Bedesda. It was a very special lake. Once in a year an angel came down and put a holy power into th
Nam-joon, Kang   2008-03-13
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