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[ON SMU] Starting From Nobody, Going All the Way to the Top [새창] Kim Rey Yeeun 2015-10-10
[ON SMU] Presentation on International Internships [새창] Park Kang Sieun 2015-10-09
[ON SMU] Special Tips for Searching Books at the Library [새창] Kim Seol Jieun 2015-10-07
[ON SMU] Snow Flower Mentoring for Lower Year Students [새창] Park Kang Sieun 2015-09-06
[ON SMU] Cultural Exchange between Senegal and Sookmyung [새창] Kim Seol Jieun 2015-09-06
[ON SMU] SAP: Student Exchange Program from A to Z [새창] Kim Rey Yeeun 2015-09-06
[ON SMU] New Flow of Employment: NCS [새창] Oh Lee Sumin 2015-09-06
[ON SMU] Know Who You are Through Creativity, Leadership, and Communication [새창] Kim Rey Yeeun 2015-06-06
[ON SMU] High Passion at the Sookmyung Debating Championship [새창] Oh Lee Sumin 2015-06-06
[ON SMU] Electronic Information Fair, Provider of Knowledge [새창] Park Kang Sieun 2015-06-05
[ON SMU] A Day Spent with Professors [새창] Kim Seol Jieun 2015-06-05
[ON SMU] Enjoying Spring by Writing Poetry in Nature [새창] Park Kang Sieun 2015-04-29
[ON SMU] Chance for Sookmyungians to Appeal their Opinion [새창] Park An Eunchae 2015-04-27
[ON SMU] Vitalizing the Energy through the Annual Flea market [새창] Yoon Jae Jiho 2015-04-27
[ON SMU] SM Career Power Design, Career Roads of Our Alumni [새창] Kim Rey Yeeun 2015-04-27
[ON SMU] SMU Students Realize the Seriousness of Water Shortage [새창] Oh Lee Sumin 2015-04-02
[ON SMU] Broaden Your Horizon through SMU IEPPF [새창] Cho Park Jiyeon 2015-04-02
[ON SMU] Come Look and Enjoy Your Campus Life [새창] Kim Oh Jieun 2015-04-02
[ON SMU] Frosh Meet the Library Hot [새창] Chang Chun Heejin 2015-04-02
[ON SMU] Spread New Wings under the Name of Sookmyungian [새창] Cho Park Jiyeon 2015-03-06
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